Stop Premature Ejaculation

Hypnosis can stop premature ejaculation ruining your sex life

Last longer with hypnosis and get control over when you orgasm

Is premature ejaculation making your sex life more anxiety-provoking than fun? Can you imagine how it would feel to be totally relaxed about when you orgasm?

Sex is supposed to be wonderfully pleasurable, but if you are plagued by premature ejaculation, sex can become highly stressful. Being with someone and not being able to pleasure them sexually, not to mention the humiliation, is awful no matter how understanding they may be.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because the Stop Premature Ejaculation hypnosis session retrains your mind to be relaxed and in control of when you orgasm.

Your early sexual experiences may have set the pattern for hurried, urgent sex. And because your brain is set up to procreate, this is received as an extremely urgent instruction. And one that is not easily forgotten. The only cure for early ejaculation is for the unconscious mind to ‘update’ the pattern it uses for sexual performance.

All you need to do is pop on your headphones at your computer, or plug into your CD or mp3 player. You will listen to a short introduction designed to shift your thinking about when you ejaculate, and then experience a skilfully crafted hypnosis session that will teach your mind and body a new way of going about sexual activity.

This Stop Premature Ejaculation download will lead you through a powerful hypnotic rehearsal, preparing you mind and body to;

  • update the old “hurry up” unconscious pattern
  • replace this with being relaxed about when you orgasm
  • be confident you can enjoy leisurely sex

This professional hypnosis session will allow you to enjoy longer and more satisfying sexual experiences