Increase Emotional Intelligence

Boost your emotional intelligence and enhance your relationships

Boost your emotional intelligence and enhance your relationships

You’ve got a fantastic education and a long string of qualifications – what will set you above others with equally impressive resumes? High emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’ is what will differentiate you from your peers. No matter how academically smart you are, if you don’t understand yourself and can’t relate well to others, you will struggle until your EQ catches up with your IQ.

There are 5 core elements of Emotional Intelligence

  • self awareness – understanding your own emotions, your strengths and improvement opportunities, your values and how you impact on others
  • self-regulation – being able to manage your own emotional states and adapt to changing environments
  • social skill – working well with others
  • empathy – considering other people’s feelings and the impact of decisions on them
  • motivation – being able to push yourself towards achieving harder or new goals

To boost your own emotional intelligence, all you need to do is download this hypnosis audio and pop on your headphones at your computer, or plug into your CD or mp3 player. You will listen to a short introduction to expand your thinking about emotional intelligence, and then experience a relaxing hypnosis session that will lay down new patterns of behaviour that will lift your EQ over time.

The Emotional Intelligence hypnosis download will prepare your mind and body to:

  • get control over unhelpful emotional responses
  • recognise others’ emotional states to improve relationships
  • understand your own emotional states in order to gain more influence over them